Early Learning Program Name Changes

Starting May 2019, all Early Learning programs will be referred to as variations of PREP (Preschool Readiness Education Programs).

Busby School
Teacher Sharon Lyons
P. 780.674.8578 ext. 5897

Dunstable School
D-PREP (Previously DEN)
Teacher Melissa Beattie
P. 780.674.4401

École Barrhead Elementary School – 5103 – 53 Avenue, Barrhead
Teacher Keri Messmer
P. 780.674.8518 ext. 6995 or 780.307.0507

École Westlock Elementary School – 10515 – 106A Street, Westlock
W-PREP (Previously SPICE)
Teacher Gloria Victoor
P. 780.307.0513 or 780.307.0505

Eleanor Hall School – Clyde
Teacher Carmen Meinczinger
P. 780.348.5341 ext.5950 or 780.307.0506

Pembina North Community School – Dapp
PN-PREP (Previously READY-C)
Teacher Shirley Craig
P. 780.954.3791 or 780.307.0504

Swan Hills School *New for 2019-20
Contact Shirley Craig
P. 780.307.0500

Who is eligible?

Children who will be 3 by September 1.
The program is available on a needs basis.
Please contact the Early Learning teacher in your area to apply.

Is there a fee?

There is no fee for children with identified needs.
There is a fee for typically developing children registered in the program.

Is there busing?

​Parents are responsible for transporting their children.
*Some busing may be available​ under certain circumstances.​
Please discuss with your Early Learning teacher.

Posted on: May 14th, 2019