Highlighting Our B-PREP Early Learning Program

The early learning class in Busby has been busy learning about Self-Regulation through a program called FOCUS on Self-Regulation, a Genesis Publication created by Edmonton Catholic Schools in 2018. FOCUS on Self-Regulation is written for anyone involved in supporting the well-being of a child. As such, B-PREP has shared many of the FOCUS activities with parents.

The four-step FOCUS Sequence was created to provide quick bursts of nourishing self-regulating activity to the brain and body. The four steps incorporate cardiovascular activity (move), muscle resistance (hold), deep breathing (breathe), and mindfulness (pause). These four elements were combined to provide optimal regulating effects in an easy to use and fun way. B-PREP has personalized two FOCUS Sequences that their students do each day.


Posted on: February 13th, 2020