Vision & Values

Value Statements

  • We believe every child is a ‘mighty learner’ – strong, capable, and resourceful with dispositions to be playful/playing, seeking, participating, caring, and persisting.
  • We believe educators’ role as co-learners, co-researchers, and co-imaginers of possibilities is to foster each child’s sense of belonging and identity within safe, healthy and responsive environments.
  • We believe that in our Early Learning communities, each member experiences acceptance and a sense of belonging through the opportunity to participate and have one’s perspectives heard and respected.
  • We believe ‘play is central’. Children make meaning by participating within open, engaging and responsive environments where exploration and play is intentionally observed, reflected and purposefully planned.
  • We believe creating responsive environments requires awareness of the child as a mighty learner and must be continually reflected on as we respond to their interests and explorations through consideration of time, space, materials, and participation.

Together We Co-Construct Early Learning Communities Where:

  • Children are ‘mighty learners’ who are playing and playful, seeking, participating, persisting, and caring.
  • Relationships are foundational
  • We are co-learners, co-researchers and co-imaginers of possibilities
  • Diversity is respected
  • Environments are responsive – Time, space, materials and participation
  • Children’s play, learning, and development is visible
  • Play is central