Parent Learning

Early Learning has the below learning opportunities for parents that you may be interested in.

Parent learning sessions:

  • a session on the use of visuals to support children
  • kids have stress too and strategies to support them
  • Getting Ready to Read and strategies to support reading readiness

With this in mind, we have Chelsea Ohlman from CASA who has created a 30 minute presentation that is available regarding stress. The link is :

We also have a handout prepared by Paddy Zadunayski on Reading Readiness skills and it is attached for you. Should you want a paper copy of this resource please let the Early Learning Teacher know and she can make this available to you for pick up.

Activities for Parents to Build Reading Readiness Skills, March 2020

Why use visuals? When to us visual supports? Sharon Lyons presents information in this virtual session to provide us with tips.

Visual Supports at Home

Give us your feedback as to whether these were valuable learning opportunities and what you may be interested in learning about.