Planning For Re-entry Early Learning Classroom

Our programs are unique as they are located in a numerous community schools. Please check your community school web page for re-entry plan and how they apply to your child. Please pay close attention to the Covid-19 Screening Protocol.

Re-Entry Update – In Early Learning classrooms – we will ensure…

Transparent and open communication

  • Regular conversations about questions or concerns

Safe Play experiences

  • Create positive, engaging play interactions to promote growth and development, in a near normal way.
  • Plan keeping safety in mind and consider alternate, but equally as valuable experiences if needed.
  • Monitor and model physically distant play, while caring for social and emotional needs.

Hygiene Etiquette: Handwashing, Coughing and Sneezing

  • Prioritize cleaning and handwashing routines with reminders of safe coughing/sneezing practices

Personal protective equipment

  • Teach children to understand why staff are wearing masks and when
  • As children show interest in masks, teach about mask usage when physical distancing is not possible

The Cohort Strategy

  • Daily screening and health checks in place allow for securing our small cohorts, – limiting crossing of cohorts etc.
  • Greeting parents/caregivers at a designated area and time before and after program for safe and distant delivery of children, all adults are required to wear masks

Below links are Resources to help support families:


Returning to School – September 2020: Pembina Hills Public Schools full re-entry plan can be found at

Learning from home: If you have questions, please contact Kelly Ferguson, Early Learning Principal 780-674-8565

Posted on: August 24th, 2020