W-PREP in Westlock

Speech in Action

Research shows that children learn best through play.  In our classroom we have many children requiring support to help further develop their speech and language skills.  As a result, in the W-PREP classroom, all goals are reinforced while we play and interact with the children.  Under the direction of a Speech Language Pathologist, the staff are given broad based strategies to help reinforce and support the individual goals of students.  Sometimes the goals are reinforced individually or some with a small group.  It is happening in such a fun and engaging way that the children do not even know they are learning.  Play is fun and as a result speech support in the classroom is very fun and engaging too!!!


During story the CORE vocabulary board is modeled with all.

Reinforcing the “snake” sound “ssssss” with a student during play.

Posted on: November 3rd, 2019